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About GI

The Governance Instrument (GI) is a digitally mature product facilitating the management of an organizations governance, as well as from the collated information, to publish the related Reports that provide Stakeholders assurance and comfort of its ‘good governance’.

The Governance Instrument has its beginnings that the Institute of Directors of Southern Africa (IoDSA) developed a self assessment methodology on King III known as the Governance Assessment Instrument (GAI). This is now a module incorporated in the Governance Instrument (GI). The King IV™ content has no further IoDSA contribution other than the verbatim inclusion of the King IV™ text. The GI has as an objective to provide a continuum from King III to King IV™.

King III is quantitative in nature (“WHAT are the recommended practices that have been applied as evidence for the 75 Principles?”). A quantitative review allows for objective Yes/No responses, without the subjectivity of HOW well the practices have been performed. Such an exercise does allow for a ‘complete’ foundational starting point to enact continual improvements in the quality by which the practices are performed.

King IV™ is qualitative in nature (“Describe HOW practices are achieving the outcome of the 16 Principles being applied”). A qualitative approach seeks for a response as a narrative. The call of King IV™ is for a qualitative Governance Report.

The GI has been enhanced whereby it is primarily a governance data collation platform, content being indexed by King III practices, King IV™ practices and King IV™ outcomes. The data informs the user in the compilation of a Qualitative Governance Report, that can be produced in any MS Office format, as well as being available for an HTML rendition on the organizations webpage.

The detail of information to be provided in the narrative should be guided by materiality, and should enable stakeholders to make an informed assessment of the quality of the organisation’s governance

- King IV™ Part 3 -


    Ease of use
    Completeness in process
    Credibility of content
    SQL Registry systems
    MS Office Reporting capability
    Exception Listings
    Pareto (80/20) intelligence (Filtered data)
    HTML rendered website reports
    Cost effective

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King III Assessment

King III as a quantitative assessment is a good foundational review, in that the recommended practices carry a weighting as established by the IoDSA and provide the intelligence of the most important recommendations to be implemented.

The GI has mapped all the King III recommended practices to the King IV™ recommended practices. Thus, by having done a comprehensive King III review, the content can be viewed where the King III practices provide evidence for the 16 Principles of King IV™.

King IV™ Management Review

We propose that the executive team should wish to know whether there are any recommended practices in King IV™ that the organization is not applying / or has not considered adequately. The manner that such intelligence can be derived is by doing a ‘completeness review’ / ‘Gap analysis’.

King IV™ Report Writer

This module facilitates the output of a Qualitative Governance Report, with the following differentiation to other solutions:

    Incorporates the functionality of cross referencing to the King IV™ recommended practices and outcomes
    The related ‘King III assessment’ content is presented on the page, for continuity or inclusion in the report
    The related King IV™ Management commentary is presented for consideration / inclusion in the report
    Three versions of the same Governance Report can be drafted simultaneously (two for Disclosure purposes and one for Management)
    The Report can be produced in any MS format, PDF or as an HTML rendition for the webpage directly from the Database
    Access control to the report (editing and review capabilities)
    One access point over a timeline of archived periods
    Data security and back up

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